First Bonsai

In June 2021, I purchased my first bonsai from a street vendor on my way to my gun shop in Plano. It was a juniper. Actually I later noticed the there were 2 separate trees in the tiny pot but to me it was a beautiful miniature vision of a windswept tree on a lonesome hill. I took it home and set it on my desk and then looked up how to care for it. The first thing I learned is that junipers grow best outdoors. They are not happy indoors, so I compromised and placed it on a window shelf where it would get plenty of sunlight.

The first principal in viewing a Bonsai is finding the front. I thought this image above was the front initially, but I also noticed there were 2 trunks and they were more visible when it rotated the pot 180°.

The second principal is keeping your tree trimmed into a pleasing form.  This was the result. They seem to be dancing.

Dancing Junipers