Update: Success! 12/15- On the first shot I got a 1oz fishing weight over one of the highest branches of my Cottonwood. Pulled the rope over then lifted my antenna. it is 3:00 pm . not much action, but my SWR is good. Will try again later.


Earlier this year, high winds took down my Ultimax DXtreme antenna. Being a wire antenna on a residential lot, I ran it up into the highest branches of the Cottonwood behind the house. So , now that fall has cleared the leaves from the 50 ft, Cottonwood I am ready to get it up there.

The method I will employ involves a slingshot, a fishing pole and a one ounce weight.  Simply put, tie the weight to the fishing line. release the reel. Pull a good amount of line from the pole. load the weight into the slingshot. Find the highest V branch and let her go. with a little luck or a couple tries the line will be in the V, but probably hanging across numerous branches. So you reel in your “catch”  carefully until you have cleared all but the V, then release. It should drop more or less straight down.

Next you pull out a spool of Antenna Support Rope. A strong polyester weather resistant rope. Tie that to the fishing line and pull it over the V and down to you. Easy, right?

Now tie your Antenna end to the rope with a proper insulator. assuming the other end of you antenna is attached to you ham shack. Pull the rope from the other end to get your antenna suspended at a proper height. Give it some slack then you will need to tie off the end of the rope to the tree or fence or something permanent, You will have the ability to lower your antenna for maintenance, adjust the tension so winds take it out.

Tune up your radio and enjoy.