The best known and most copied Japanese Wood block is probably “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai created in 1831. I think it is right up there with Picassoo’s “Starry , Starry Night” as far as public popularity.  You can see 3 boats being tossed below a large wave, Mount Fiji is in visible in the background. Mount Fiji is often featured in Hokusai’s work but usually dominates the scene. Here it is diminutive. This was the first in the series “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji.” The inscription in the box top, left reads: “Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji / On the high seas in Kanagawa / Under the wave.”

Doing a thorough appraisal of my Dawn Redwood, and conversing with other Bonsai people I decided that my Redwood was absolutely pot bound and looking a little thin and undernourished. I pulled it from the pot and set it on the ground, covering it with a loose garden soil. Fall is moving in and it is starting to turn. Hope it weathers well.


I bought a Dawn Redwood at the Dallas Bonsai Society annual auction in November 22. Dawn Redwoods are the oldest living tree on earth going back more than 5 million years. They were thought to be extinct until 1940 when they were discovered. They can grow to over 100 ft tall but make great bonsai because they are so hardy. Mine is about 28 years old, standing 30″ tall.  It is extremely root-bound and going to need some work in the spring.

In June 2021, I purchased my first bonsai from a street vendor on my way to my gun shop in Plano. It was a juniper. Actually I later noticed the there were 2 separate trees in the tiny pot but to me it was a beautiful miniature vision of a windswept tree on a lonesome hill. I took it home and set it on my desk and then looked up how to care for it. The first thing I learned is that junipers grow best outdoors. They are not happy indoors, so I compromised and placed it on a window shelf where it would get plenty of sunlight.

The first principal in viewing a Bonsai is finding the front. I thought this image above was the front initially, but I also noticed there were 2 trunks and they were more visible when it rotated the pot 180°.

The second principal is keeping your tree trimmed into a pleasing form.  This was the result. They seem to be dancing.

Dancing Junipers


In June of 2021, I bought my first Bonsai. Here you can follow my Bonsai activities.